Duduzane Resignation

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8 April 2016


Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday 8 April 2016: Duduzane Zuma said:

 "I like any other South African citizen have constitutionally protected rights."

"My history and background is no different from that of all previously disadvantaged black people."

"The economy is necessarily skewed against us, which is the very basis of the struggle for political and economic emancipation."

"It is beyond dispute that our political miracle did not usher in an economic miracle for our people, hence the grinding poverty, unemployment and persisting inequality."

"Poverty in South Africa carries a black face and I didn't invent that."

"Notwithstanding my efforts to participate meaningfully in the economy, aspersions were cast on me and my family."

"As a result therefore, I have decided to relinquish all positions that I hold at Oakbay companies and am exiting investments to preserve the jobs of Oakbay's thousands of employees and to de-politicise my participation in business."

"Lastly, I will continue to be part of my generation whose mission is the economic emancipation of our people. This, my generation will achieve. Like our fathers achieved political liberation for us."

Notes to Editors:

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