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As a private equity investor, Oakbay plays a vital role in providing businesses with the capital necessary to grow and develop. The company operates in all of the industries and sectors outlined above, and promote economic value by investing in promising and viable enterprises.

Oakbay's investments in either majority or minority shareholdings enables companies within its investment portfolio to launch new business initiatives, make important acquisitions, and upgrade both systems and technologies in order to further their strategic goals. Oakbay also strives to support transformation at every level in the companies in its investment portfolio, and provides advisory services to assist these companies to deliver sustainably successful outcomes for all of their stakeholders.

One of Oakbay's long-term goals is to continue to adopt a partnership approach to private equity investment in order to facilitate genuine and meaningful economic empowerment. In this way, it intends to offer portfolio companies far more than the investment and commercial banks are able to offer.

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