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Corporate Social Investment

Oakbay Investments is committed to investing in and building successful businesses that not only benefit their shareholders, but also facilitate real socio-economic transformation in South Africa. In this way, the company strives to make a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans, a goal that is supported by a number of corporate social investment programmes.

Oakbay Investments

The Oakbay group had hosted its 67 minutes for Mandela Day 2014 by donating to the school where 70% of the pupils are orphans. More than 350 needy pupils received full school uniforms including socks, shoes and jerseys. All the pupils received stationery packs and a full lunch.

Sahara Computers

Sahara Computers has an on-going sponsorship and corporate social investment programme that reinforces its strategic commitment to youth and sports development, both at provincial and national level. As part of this programme, the company regularly donates computers to schools in rural areas throughout South Africa in order to provide as many learners as possible with equal access to information and communication technology.

JIC Mining Services

JIC Mining Services established and operates the JIC Mining Academy of Learning in Rustenburg. This Mining Qualification Authority (MQA)-accredited training centre facility was launched in 2007 with the purpose of equipping workers with additional skills in order to enable them to advance in the workplace. The academy aims not only to address the skills shortage in the mining industry, but also to facilitate social upliftment through education.Since its inception, 94 Learners have been enrolled in its mining and artisan learnership programmes. These have been fully sponsored by JIC to a total value of R18.4 million to date.

JIC also sponsors and actively participates in a number of ad hoc CSI initiatives, including:

The R1 Million project

The R1 Million project was initiated in April 2013, and involved 75 schools in North West. The company launched the project by donating kits to all of the schools, each of which included practice soccer balls, two match soccer balls, 20 soccer bibs, eight practice netball balls, two match netball balls, 14 netball bibs, two pumps, five whistles, 100 cones, one goal set, 15 hoola-hoops, two club bags and 15 bean bags. JIC also sponsored stationery kits, and all of the children at the 75 schools had the opportunity to participate in a drawing competition.

Each school selected the most creative and technically proficient entries, and the 75 finalists underwent a process of collective adjudication.

The first prize winner received R10 000 and the school received R5 000. The second prize winner received R5 000 and the school received R3 000, while the third prize winner received R3 000 and the school received R2 000. The 72 remaining finalists received R1 000 each. The prize-giving was celebrated with a JIC-sponsored event featuring a buffet meal and entertainment provided by dancers from the local community.

Provincial Community Upliftment & Support Projects

JIC donated 15 computers to schools in Brits and, as part of a community development project in Limpopo, sponsored the renovation of the Gamaroga Hostel to the value of over R300 000. It also donated 75 pairs of shoes to the children at a primary school in a needy area in Brits and also had some of its staff in the Rustenburg Area participate in a project to paint buildings at a school for which it also donated the paint.

Shiva Uranium
Skills Training

Shiva Uranium sponsors and runs a programme designed to train workers and unemployed people from the community surrounding its mine in various engineering disciplines, including tool-making and boiler-making. Of the 60 trainees enrolled into the programme since it was launched, 49 have already completed their courses and are now qualified artisans. The remaining 11 trainees are in the final stages of completing the programme.

Community Outreach:
Matlosana Municipality

In partnership with the Matlosana Municipality, the company has also embarked on a skills training programme designed to up-skill 20 youngsters from the local community. Nominated by the Mayor of Matlosana, they are being trained as dump truck operators in trackless mines. Of the 20 apprentices, five have already completed the programme and are now fully qualified operators.

Farming in Tigane

Shiva is involved in a farming project based in Tigane, the nearest township to the company's mine. Eleven beneficiaries, who receive monthly stipends from the company, farm vegetables in 12 custom-built cultivation tunnels. These are managed by the mine, and beneficiaries are also provided with the necessary training to participate in this project.


Shiva makes its primary healthcare facility available to all members of the surrounding farming community and provides ambulance services in the areas around Hartbeesfontein. As it takes a long time for ambulances to arrive at the scene of an accident or an incident all the way from Klerksdorp, this is an invaluable service. A full-time wellness officer employed by the company also provides counselling and other services for the community


Shiva sponsors sports events from time to time too. For instance, in association with the Matlosana Municipality and the Department of Education, it sponsored a soccer tournament at the Tigane Stadium in August 2012. Four schools from Stilfontein, Klerksdorp, Kanana and Alabama participated in the tournament, and the school from Kanana won the soccer challenge. The company provided medals, trophies and cash incentives to the participating schools, and provided food for the members of the community that attended the event. The Mayor of Matlosana presented the winning schools with their prizes.

Further to this event in response to a request from the community - Shiva sponsored another soccer tournament in Tigane April 2013. This was a great success and a valuable community building exercise.

Faith Communities

In response to a request from the Hartbeesfontein community, Shiva assisted with the refurbishment, carpeting and painting of a local church, as well as with the construction of additional infrastructure and classroom for the church. The company has also sponsored the purchase of a bus for the local NG Church, which is used to transport elderly members to and from church activities.


In addition, Shiva has identified eight vulnerable families in the Tegane region and provides them with groceries on a monthly basis. The company also sponsors school clothing for the children in these families.

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